• Changing light over Bear Trap Canyon.
  • Wranglers round up strays near Castac Lake.
  • Grasslands beneath a century-old oak canopy.


It's a hidden treasure.

The largest expanse of private land in California, Tejon Ranch is essentially unchanged since its formation under a Mexican Land Grant back in 1843. Most of it is now permanently protected ranch land and wildlife habitat. When you're here, taking it all in ... the hills and valleys stretching to the horizon, the centuries-old oaks, the crisp mountain air, the silence ... you may find it hard to believe that you're just an hour from Los Angeles.

It's a rare retreat from the city. And one you’ll soon be able to enjoy. We’re dedicating one of the most beautiful parts of the ranch to Mountain Village at Tejon Ranch, a new, conservation-based enclave designed to live in harmony with nature, and continue the legacy of this storied place for future generations.


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